Helping your mates

What you can do?

You may have come onto this site looking for information on what to do if your friends or family are experiencing abuse in their relationships.

This is how you could help:

  • Offer support - listen to them and believe what they tell you
  • Don't put yourself in danger
  • Listen but don't judge
  • Understand why it might be hard for your friend to end the relationship

 For more information about why it might be difficult to leave, click here.

The first person people talk to is often a friend.

Who to tell:

  • You could tell an adult you trust: a friend, a relative, a neighbour, a teacher, or a youth worker
  • Find out about where your friend can go for help, such as helplines or the police in an emergency

You can find information about helplines on the help page of this website.

Violence between parents 

If your parent or guardian is experiencing domestic violence and you live with them remember that the violence is never your fault.

This is how you could help:

  • Understand why it is difficult for someone to leave a violent relationship
  • Think about how to stay safe when there are arguments
  • Know where to call for help
  • Know how you can get out of the house if you need to
  • Think about safe places to go, or people you trust to help

Talk to someone you trust about what is happening; this might be a confidential helpline or a person that you know.