Keeping safe in an unhealthy relationship

Staying Safe

If you are in an abusive relationship with another person it can be difficult to keep safe. There are things that you can do to stay safer:

  • Keep your mobile charged and topped up at all times so you can ring the police or emergency services if you need to.
  • If you put services in your mobile phone and you're worried that your phone may be looked at, give them a different name.
  • Talk to friends and family you trust about what is happening to you - they may be able to help you get support.
  • Have a codeword with a friend or family member. This could mean that they will know to contact the police if you say a certain word or phrase.
  • When you are going somewhere, think about how you will get there and back home safely.

If you are experiencing harassment via a mobile or email click here

If you need to contact an organisation for support, click here

You have the right to choose to end a relationship

Ending a Relationship

Breaking up with someone can be very difficult. When you try and break up with someone they might try and persuade you to change your mind.   

Any decision can be hard when it comes to relationships but if someone is abusing you then it can be even more difficult.  You might feel scared they will hurt you or they might have threatened to hurt themselves.

Ending a Relationship Safely

To make breaking up safer, you can do these things:

  • Tell friends and family where you are when you plan to finish the relationship
  • Ask a friend to be there with you
  • Do it over the phone
  • Do it in a public place in the daytime where there are other people.  Plan how you are going to get home
  • Take a charged mobile with credit to call for help from the police or friends and family if you need to

If you need to leave your home try and find somewhere safe to stay - with a friend or family member you trust. Or contact Women's Aid to find out about safe houses called refuges. Click here to find the number for Women's Aid.