Difficult to leave?

... are you feeling trapped?

Usually it is difficult to end a relationship, even when things haven't been right for a long time. But if you are living with domestic violence, deciding to leave is much harder.

Lots of reasons for you not to leave the relationship can start to surround you and can make you feel you are trapped in a web, like the one below.

It can be really difficult overcoming these barriers, as all together they might seem overwhelming. But with help and support, each of these barriers can be individually broken down to help you feel able to make your own decisions about your relationship.

Domestic violence is never the fault of the person being abused


Help to Overcome Barriers 

If you are experiencing domestic violence, talking to someone who understands your experience will help you to recognise the barriers that you face and will help you to work out what you would like to do to try and keep yourself safe. Talk to a friend, family member or adult you trust or Click here to find the numbers for support services.

Worried about being homeless?

Abuse in relationships can sometimes cause homelessness. 

Sometimes people become homeless as the only way to stay safe is to leave the home they shared with their partner.  

Or, for those living with parents, carers or guardians, being in an abusive relationship can cause arguments and difficulties.  It may seem like the only way of coping is to move out of home. 
Refuges are safe houses that are in places where they can't be found.  If you are 16 or over and female you can access most Women's Aid refuges. Click here to find the number for Women's Aid.

For more information about homelessness visit The Site.

Worried about money?

Abusive partners often take control of the money in relationships.  In order to keep control, they can stop their partners from getting jobs, or buying other things like phone credit or bus fares.

Money issues can be a cause of stress when people choose to end abusive relationships, which could mean having to move out of a shared home.

If you are worried about money because you have left an abusive partner or if you need to find out your benefit rights there are different organisations that can help you. Click here to find numbers for support services.

For more information about benefits visit Turn2Us.