Keeping Healthy

Feeling Stressed?

If you are experiencing abuse, you may be worrying a lot about your relationship.   You may be finding it hard to cope with your partner's behaviour, and you may have started to feel down. When people experience abuse it can make them feel lots of different emotions. They may feel sad, depressed, stressed, guilty, tearful, anxious or scared.

Sometimes partners can use your stress and worry to make you feel worthless.  They may have called you mad or unstable.  This is unacceptable behaviour. 

Feeling as if you're to blame for the abuse can make you feel even more down about your situation. Domestic violence is never the fault of the person being abused.

If you leave your partner you may find that the feelings of depression get better but you may also become stressed due to the experiences you have had.  If you are worried about how you are feeling, here is a link to the Young Minds website which has a lot of information for young people for depression and other mental health issues.

Talking to someone who understands your experience can also help, click here to find phone lines you can call.

Domestic violence can have a huge impact on someone's life

Feeling Tired?

Being in an abusive relationship can be physically tiring and exhausting.

The physical impact may affect your ability to concentrate at school, college or work. You may have reduced energy levels and experience mood swings.

It is important, even though things may be difficult, to try to stay healthy.

Exercise has been proven to improve moods, self-esteem and confidence.

Eating healthy can provide much needed energy boosts.

For more information on staying healthy visit Youth Health Talk

Dealing with Pressure

Drugs and Alcohol

Turning to drugs and alcohol can sometimes be a way of coping with abuse, as it blocks out the painful feelings and emotions - but the effects only last a short time and the painful feelings and emotions will still be there. 

There are other ways of coping with the stress of abuse, and getting free and confidential support from organisations can sometimes be a starting point.  It may be that there are other activities you like to do that will take your mind off it, and ease the stress, like a sport, or listening to music.

If you want some information about drugs and alcohol then you can visit Talk to Frank

Self Harm

Some young people may self harm when they are experiencing abuse in order to feel like they have some control over the stressful situation.

Young people may find it difficult to open up and talk about their experience of self harming. They may feel that people won't understand. But there is help available.

If you would like help and advice then visit the Young Minds website for more information and support.

Talking to someone who understands your experience can also help, click here to find phone lines you can call.