Facebook Privacy and Security News

Facebook Privacy and Security News

Facebook have made some changes to privacy and security settings over the last few months.


There is a new Security Guide and a page with information for teens on how to protect their account.

Here's a few of the changes we think are particularly important:

New Photo Tagging Features

If someone tags you in a photo you can now be notified before its made public. You can then either approve the tag, decline to be tagged or even ask the individual to take the photo down.

Location Sharing

Facebook users now have the option of adding their location and people they're with whenever they leave a comment. You can turn this option off in the privacy settings.

Secure Web Browsing

Facebook have introduced the option of accessing your account via a secure webpage. If you're not familiar with HTTPS it's a common security feature on most online shopping and banking sites that helps to prevent accounts from being hacked into on open networks. Facebook users will need to manually switch on this feature by going to

Account - Account Settings - Security - Secure Browsing

We recommend that all Facebook users turn this setting on to ensure personal details remain secure.

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