Domestic Violence Laws May Change.

Domestic Violence Laws May Change.

The government have announced that they are going to discuss changing the law on domestic violence.

They will be consulting a wide range of organisations and would also like to hear the views of young people.

The changes would include adding ‘coercive control' within the definition of domestic violence. Coercive control can be when one partner uses manipulation or mind games to control the other.

Other forms of emotional abuse can include: being constantly checked up on or being made to feel guilty for seeing your family or friends.

Many young people do not realise these qualities are abusive behaviours and therefore domestic violence. A change to the law would hopefully mean more young people are more aware that they are not part of a healthy relationship.

Another change to the law would ensure that the law is applied to young people aged 18 and under. This would hopefully make it easier for young people to report domestic violence to the police and feel more supported by the law.

The government consultation will run until March 2012. If you would like to find out more click here

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