Domestic Violence Laws to Change

Domestic Violence Laws to Change

The definition of domestic violence is to be changed to recognise that young people under 18 can experience domestic violence.

The change is also going to recognise that coercive control is a form of domestic violence and people using it as a form of abuse will be able to be prosecuted.

Coercive control can be when one partner uses manipulation or mind games to control the other.

Other forms of emotional abuse can include: being constantly checked up on or being made to feel guilty for seeing your family or friends.

Many young people do not realise these qualities are abusive behaviours and therefore domestic violence. This change to the law will hopefully mean more young people are more aware that they are not part of a healthy relationship.

The changes to the law are a positive move from the government as 16-19 year olds are the most at risk age group of experiencing domestic violence.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said the changes, which will be in place by March next year, "help expose the true face of domestic violence, which is much more complex and much more widespread than people often realise.

"Suffering at the hands of people who are meant to care for you is horrific at any age, but it can be especially damaging for young people - the scars can last a lifetime."

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