This is Abuse

This is Abuse

Over the Christmas period the Home Office will again be running the Teenage Relationship Abuse Campaign, aimed at teenagers aged 13-18.
The campaign, which has been running for the last few years, aims to prevent abuse in teen relationships by empowering young people to make the decision to avoid violent and controlling behaviour, encouraging them to recognise abuse, reflect on the consequences of their actions and seek help if required.

The campaign is being supported by celebrities, musicians and will alongside a domestic abuse storyline in the tv series Hollyoaks.

Adverts will run on youth digital TV channels, such as MTV, in cinemas during key teen films, in environments such as shopping centres and on youth websites and social media channels.

The campaign website hub will give young people the chance to discuss the issues with their peers and get access to third party support and advice.

The campaign will promote andf feature the Respect not Fear website and iPhone application.

Click here to go to the This is ABUSE website.

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