Young People - Forced Marriage


Consent = giving permission to do something or for something to happen

Marriage = two people promising to share their lives together

A Love Marriage = a person chooses their partner based on who they find attractive

Arranged Marriage = A family takes a lead in deciding who their child marries. The child gives their full consent

Forced Marriage = the family decide who their child marries. The child does not fully consent. They may have been physically or emotionally forced into saying yes

Young People from Nottingham created a music track to promote what people do deserve from a relationship.



Women and girls aged 13-30 years are most at risk from being forced into a marriage but 15% of victims are male

Forced Marriage:

  • A forced marriage is never okay
  • In the UK forced marriages are considered to be a crime, even if the person is taken abroad for the marriage to take place.
  • The Forced Marriage Act 2007 is a legal document issued by a judge that aims to stop a marriage from taking place without both peoples consent. For more information about this Act click here
  • Forced marriage can have a devastating impact on young people. For example it can make a person feel trapped, depressed, stressed, anxious or even suicidal

Everyone has a right to decide who they marry. Click here to read about human rights.

Here is a short animation about forced marriage:

Help and Support

  • People may feel they are unable to get out of a forced marriage because they don't want to bring shame on the family, or be made to leave the family or community, or because they are scared.
  • Support services can help people who have been in or are in a forced marriage:

Forced Marriage Unit: Monday - Friday 9-5pm (+44) (0) 20 7008 0151

Global response centre: out of hours (+44) (0) 20 7008 1500


The Karma Nivarna website supports people who have or are experiencing a forced marriage and honour based violence click here to go to the site