Young People - Honour Based Violence

'Honour' Based Violence is where a person is being punished by their family or their community because it is believed the person has done something to bring shame on the family or the community

Issues such as a person's choice of dress, friends, relationships and career or a person not doing as the family say might be said to bring shame on a family or community

'Honour' based violence does not have to include any physical violence.

It can include:

  • Physical and sexual violence
  • Emotional abuse, for example threats and insults
  • Forced marriage
  • Financial abuse

'Honour' based Violence can have a devastating impact on young people.

For example it can make people feel scared, threatened, anxious, depressed, stressed or even suicidal

None of the worlds major religions condone honour based violence

In the UK "Honour Based Violence" is considered to be a crime

Recent research by Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation (IKWRO) found that there were more than 2800 reports of 'honour' based crimes to the police across the UK last year.

These figures suggest that 'honour' based violence is a serious problem within the UK.

Reports to the police about 'honour' based violence are taken seriously and no incident is too minor to report.


Help and Support

  • The Honour Network Helpline - 0800 5999 247
  • The Karma Nivarna website supports people who have or are experiencing "honour based violence" click here to go to the site
  • The IKWRO website has useful up to date information on 'honour' based violence and forced marriage. Click here to go to the site.