Forced Marriage is a type of domestic abuse. 

A marriage is forced when either one of the couple has not given their consent for it to happen. They may have been tricked, or forced, into saying yes by their families. The person who is pressuring could have used physical or emotional abuse. They could have used threats.


Marriage Definitions:

Consent: Giving permission to do something or for something to happen.

Marriage: Two people promising to share their lives together.

A Love Marriage: A couple choose each other based on who they find attractive and get along with.

Arranged Marriage: When a family takes a lead in deciding who their child marries. The child gives their full consent and happily agrees for this to take place.

Forced Marriage: The family decide who their child marries. The child does not fully consent. They may have been physically or emotionally pressured into saying yes.


Forced Marriage Unit supported 1,355 people in 2019 & 49% of people who received support for forced marriage were under 21.


*Forced Marriage Unit, 2019

Forced Marriage & The Law:


A forced marriage is never okay. In the UK it is a crime, even if the person is taken abroad for the marriage to take place.

The Forced Marriage Act 2007 is a legal document issued by a judge that aims to stop a ceremony from taking place without both peoples consent. For more information about this Act click here.

It can have a devastating impact on young people. For example it can make a person feel trapped, depressed, stressed, anxious or even suicidal.

Everyone has a right to decide who they marry.

Help & Support

People may feel they are unable to get out of a forced marriage because they don’t want to bring shame on the family, or be made to leave the family or community, or because they are scared.

Support services can help:

Forced Marriage Unit

020 7008 0151

Monday – Friday 9-5pm

Contact the Forced Marriage Unit (FMU) if you’re trying to stop a forced marriage or you need help leaving a marriage you’ve been forced into.

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