If you are in an abusive relationship with another person it can be difficult to stay safe. You may need to leave your home, try and find somewhere safe to stay with a friend or family member you trust. Or contact a specialist support services to find out about refuges. 

In the meantime, here are some tips for staying safe…

Support Is Available

There is lots of professional support and advice available for people in unhealthy relationships.

Prepare your phone

Keep your mobile charged and topped up so you can ring the police or services if you need to. If you’re worried about putting services in your phone, use a different name.

Talk to friends and family

Talk to friends and family you trust about what is happening to you – they may be able to help you get support.

Create a code word

Have a code word with a friend or family member. This could mean that they will know to contact the police if you say a certain word or phrase.

Plan your journey

When you are going somewhere, think about how you will get there and back home safely.

Ending a Relationship Safely

Tell friends and family

Tell friends and family where you are when you plan to finish the relationship.

Prepare your phone

Do it over the phone. Failing this, take a charged mobile with credit to call for help if you need to.

Ask a friend to come

Ask a friend to be there with you.

Go somewhere public

Do it in a public place in the daytime where there are other people. Plan how you are going to get home.

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