the internet can be a really useful place to stay in touch with friends, play games and learn. There can be some risks to using the internet, so it is important to spend some time learning about staying safe online. 

So how can we keep safe online?

Top Tips For Staying Safe Online

Don't Share Personal Information

Don’t share your private, personal information with anyone online.

Information such as your full name, address, phone number and school can be used by someone to find out a lot about you.

This information is private for a reason, something as small as a school logo on a jumper, or a picture stood outside your house could tell a person a lot about you.

Think carefully about what you share.

Keep Your Devices Secure

Never share your passwords with anyone no matter how much you may trust them.

Passwords are there for a reason, they are there to protect you and keep your information private and safe.

If you don’t have passwords to online accounts and information, it is important you do so.

Make sure they are difficult to guess and easy for you to remember!

Be Cautious

Not everyone you talk to online will be who they say they are.

Be wary of what people may tell you and never meet someone in real life who you have met online. If you are ever asked to meet someone you met online, or some asks you to share or do something online you are uncomfortable with, always seek an adult for help.

Also watch out for scams. Someone may try and trick you be saying you have won a prize, they could make you famous or they have a funny link to share. You should never click links from emails or messages that ask you to, even if you think they are genuine.

Always try and go to the website or app directly to avoid scams or tricks.

Think Before You Post

Once something has been uploaded to the internet, it exists forever. Therefore, it is important to always think carefully before you post anything.

People can then use any information you share however they like, especially if they copy or screenshot it.

Imagine that when you are posting something you are sending it to your parents or teachers.

If it’s not something you would want them to see or read, then you shouldn’t be sharing it online.

Think carefully about what you say and how you say it and always be kind.

If Things Go Wrong

Here are some handy tips on where to go and what to do if you no longer feel safe online:


Talk to someone you trust like an adult or a friend that can help you talk to an adult.


If someone is threatening or blackmailing you tell the police. You can make a report to CEOP.

Seek Advice

Get advice about any bullying and abuse from a support service such as Childline. You can do this anonymously.

Change Passwords

If your accounts have been hacked or you think someone knows your passwords, make sure you change them and check your privacy settings.

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