Sexual Abuse is when someone is pressured or tricked into sexual activities. Sexual abuse can happen anywhere, at any time and to anyone. 

It is not the victims fault. 

If you are being forced or pressurised into doing sexual things you don’t like, or aren’t sure about, this is sexual abuse. To help yourself stay safe there are things you can look out for. if you are:

  • Being put under lots of pressure
  • Made to feel stupid or bad for saying no
  • Told you would do it if you loved them
  • Bullied into having sex
  • Encouraged to drink lots of alcohol or take drugs to make you more likely to have sex

If you are experiencing any of the above then you are not being respected.



Alcohol and drugs can affect people differently at different times. Sometimes a person may still be able to give their full consent to sex or physical closeness, other times they may not.

When alcohol and drugs are involved more care needs to be taken by both partners to make sure sex or physical closeness is wanted.


You deserve to be with someone who respects you and your choices


It is important to think about what is best for you. You might find it helpful to talk about it with someone you trust.

Being forced into sex or physical closeness without consent is not your fault. If you have experienced rape or sexual assault support is available.

In any emergency situation or to report a rape or sexual assault always contact the Police – 999.

Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARC)

The SARC for Nottinghamshire is called the Topaz Centre. 

0845 600 1588

There are 30 Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs) in England and Wales.

These centres are safe locations where victims of sexual assault can receive medical care and counselling, quickly and sympathetically.

Referral centres bring together all of the different legal and medical agencies and departments in one place, which helps both the victims and those investigating the crimes.

Rape Crisis Centre

The Rape Crisis Centre in Notinghamshire is called Nottinghamshire Sexual Violence Support Services (Notts SVSS).

0115 941 0440

Rape Crisis Centres offer counselling and specialist support to women and girls of all ages who have experienced any form of sexual violence.

Rape Crisis can be contacted free of charge and in confidence. 

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