Relationships are a big part of our lives. There are lots of different types of relationships, which form in lots of different ways and between lots of different people. They are the basis of day-to-day life and are how we connect and form attachments with one another. Some are closer than others and follow different rules and are the result of different feelings or connections.



Family relationships are often build by blood lines and/or marriage, however, other people can be considered family too.

Families can come in  many different forms, for example: Single-parent, step-families, gay/lesbian families, adopted, child-less families etc. 

There is no wrong set up of a family but it is important to know that families are supposed to be there to care for us, especially when we are young and growing up.


Friends are people who we are not related to. People we have met and decided to form a friendly relationship with. Some friendships are closer than others and they can be between anybody.


You may know some friends more than others, or have a ‘best-friend’, who you spend a lot of your time with.

Close friends can be there to support one another. Good friendships are often built on fun, trust and good communication.

Romantic Relationships

romantic relationship is one which exists between a boyfriend and girlfriend, or a boyfriend and boyfriend, or girlfriend and girlfriend, or spouses (in a marriage and civil partnerships).

Romantic relationships are usually very close and connected.

romantic relationships

They can be physically intimate in nature. They can include kissing, hugging and sexual contact, however, they don’t have to. It is up to the individual to decide if intimacy is right for them.

Relationships should be healthy and include compassion, care and kindness. In an ideal world, everyone would experience positive relationships. However, this is not always the case. It is quite common for relationships to go through difficult times. If these difficulties are dealt with in the right way, with good communication and compromise, a relationship can become healthier and stronger.


Video: Love Has No Labels

Watch this video to find out about different types of relationships. 

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